Graeme McKay and Pauline Lockie on 2SER Razors Edge

After Graeme McKay's heartfelt email to every MP in NSW about WestCONnex's destruction of Haberfield went viral, 2SER invited him and WestCONnex Action Group's Pauline Lockie to speak to Razors Edge about the impact of the $16.8 billion toll road project.

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Live tweets from the WestCONnex Arncliffe Forum

2UE with Bill Woods on WestCONnex

WestCONnex Action Group's Pauline Lockie spoke to Bill Woods on 2UE about the threat the WestCONnex New M5 poses to the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog colony at Arncliffe.

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Lots of ways to help stop WestCONnex

Thanks again for all your support, and for everything you're doing to help stop WestCONnex. If you've been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you'll have seen it's been another massive few weeks in the campaign. Here's a quick update as to what's been going on - and how you can get involved.

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"What we are facing is the destruction of Haberfield"

WE received the following email from longtime Haberfield resident Graeme McKay, who sent it to every MP in NSW. It's a powerful and heartfelt account of what WestCONnex's destruction means - not just to residents of Haberfield, but for people across the toll road's destructive 33km route.

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2UE with Mike Jeffries on WestCONnex

Pauline Lockie of WestCONnex Action Group speaks to 2UE's Mike Jeffries about WestCONnex: why the Baird Government isn't being honest or transparent about WestCONnex, compulsory acquisitions, short-sighted road building and what's next for the campaign.

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Pauline Lockie speaks to Bill Woods on 2UE about WestCONnex

Pauline Lockie of WestCONnex Action Group speaks to 2UE's Bill Woods about WestCONnex: its tolls, cost blowouts and looming failure to ease congestion, and the likely impact of unfiltered stacks and forced acquisitions in Rozelle, Lilyfield and Camperdown.

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WestCONnex Protest School notes

Thanks to all who came to our WestCONnex Protest School on Saturday 27 February to learn about police powers and your legal rights during nonviolent direct actions. Here are the notes from the day, kindly provided by our presenter, Jane Sanders of Shopfront Youth Legal Centre.

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WestCONnex Action Group Photo Fundraiser

Martin Brady Photography will be holding a WestCONnex Action Group photo fundraiser in Sydney Park on Sunday 28 February, 10am to 3pm.

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Why WestCONnex "mitigation" is one big con

WESTCONNEX Action Group's Kathryn Calman lives in Beverly Hills, right near the King Georges Interchange that's now being widened for WestCONnex. The complaint she lodged after yet another near-sleepless night of heavy construction shows just why the Baird Government's "mitigation" promises can't be trusted.

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