HUNDREDS of Inner West residents signed petitions from the WestCONnex Action Group to stop ill-conceived plans to dump traffic from the western suburbs on the streets of Camperdown, Newtown, St Peters, Sydenham and Tempe.

WestCONnex Action Group members were out in force at Marrickville Festival to spread the word about secret plans that would create irreversible changes to key inner west suburbs.

“We spoke to hundreds of people and gave out fliers and had petitions to try and help people know that this is coming and it needs to be stopped before it’s too late,” said Janet Dandy-Ward of WestCONnex Action Group.

“Around 400 people signed our petition to stop this before the state government signs off on contractors, and we also have an online petition.

“Most people we spoke to knew nothing about plans to build roads that will spew traffic onto inner west streets that aren’t equipped to handle the same congestion the government says it wants to alleviate in Western Sydney.

“People we spoke to don’t know anything about WestCONnex because WestCONnex isn’t providing any information and this exactly how NorthConnex railroaded those residents.

“We don’t know exactly how WestCONnex road plans will affect us and where, but we do know that the smoke stacks will create unliveable pollution to high density living quarters, crazy traffic congestion, and that there is no business case to justify the $13 billion project,” Ms Dandy-Ward said.


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