Letter Opposing EIS Approval

We have a new letter to the Secretary of Planning. This is the do gooder platform which is designed to automatically send letters to decision makers. IT WILL TAKE YOU JUST ONE MINUTE TO SIGN



This letter is in addition to a petition which is already circulating. 

This letter contains very strong points that were not available to us at the time we wrote our submissions. The latest is the information that there is no current plan for construction of the Sydney Gateway. The traffic study explicitly depends on the Sydney Gateway.

This is a strong letter. It will also need to be answered. We need to do everything in our power to delegitimise any approval. We need to have the strongest possible basis to belittle that approval. This does not detract from any other part of our campaign so please support it by signing the letter today. It is NOT an either this or that tactic situation. 

We don't have to get thousands of signatures, but we already have over 300 letters in which is very encouraging. If however we can manage 1000 or more letters in the next few weeks and request answers and write back we are going to make the processing of the EIS more rigorous.  

The advantage of the creating letters on Do Gooder is that your letter will go straight into planning. We can adapt or change the content as the situation develops. If anyone receives an answer (which you certainly should) please let us know. 

It is set up so you can just use the text that is there, But you can help by adding your own extra points, rearranging the order of points or making some points even stronger. This is up to you.. 


We are promoting this initiative on both WAG and NOW PT facebook pages and you can also email all your friends inviting them to share it. You can post the link on your own facebook.



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