WESTCONNEX Action Group welcomes Marrickville Council’s support against secret plans to dump thousands of drivers from Western Sydney on Inner West medium density streets.

Newly minted Marrickville Mayor Mark Gardiner wasted no time in one of his first official announcements to support residents in their fight against this secretive and destructive scheme.

“I do not believe that a solution to Sydney's transport and traffic needs is the building of another Motorway,” Mayor Gardiner said. 

“Bitter experience shows us that no matter how many roads are built, they will be congested. 

“I am especially concerned that the end result of the WestCONnex is going to be the shifting of Western Sydney's traffic woes to the inner west. The impact of motorway and tunnel entrances and exits around Tempe, Leichardt, Ashfield, Lewisham and Camperdown will be significant but as yet are unknown.  

“Tunnels under densely populated Camperdown, Newtown and St Peters will need ventilation stacks yet no assurance has been given that these stacks will not be in the middle of our homes or our important parkland. 

“I am most concerned that drilling under this area has the potential to damage houses that are up to a century old and are an important feature of our urban area. 

“Where does the state government think that the traffic will go once it exits the tunnel - the surface roads are already at capacity and simply enabling the drivers of Western Sydney to drive more quickly to join a traffic jam in our local streets is simply not the answer.  Just imagine what could be done with an additional $13 billion investment in public transport.

“Marrickville Council opposes the WestCONnex project and I will be doing what I can as Mayor to ensure that this terrible road is never built,” Mayor Gardiner said.

WestCONnex Action Group spokesperson Janet Ward said it was crucial that elected officials start acting on the support before it too late. 

“Residents are clear about their opposition to this sham project, and it is good to see momentum building with the clear support of a strong Mayor representing the electorate,” Ms Ward said.


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