A NEW exhibition at The Corner Gallery in Stanmore is now showcasing the beauty and importance of Sydney Park to highlight its planned destruction by WestCONnex, with an official reception with the artists to be held at 1pm on Saturday 12 November.


Save Sydney Park: Adopt a Tree, which is on now until Sunday 13 November, features works by acclaimed photojournalist Lorrie Graham, sculptor Gabrielle Bates, and Head of Drawing at the National Art School Maryanne Coutts. The Saturday reception will feature talks by Ms Graham and esteemed landscape architect Professor Helen Armstrong AM. 

“I’ve been documenting the Stop WestCONnex campaign since early 2015, when I first became aware of the devastating impact this tollway would have on our communities,” said Ms Graham. 

“One of the things that truly horrifies me about WestCONnex is its planned destruction of Sydney Park, which is the heart of our area. WestCONnex will slice a 12m strip from the park and destroy hundreds of its trees. This breaks my heart, because I know how much the park matters to our quality of life. 

“This exhibition is a way to reach out to people who may not be aware of WestCONnex’s planned destruction, and let them know how much we will all lose if it goes ahead,” said Ms Graham. 

“If Mike Baird gets his way, over 14,000m2 of Sydney Park will be wiped out for WestCONnex,” said WestCONnex Action Group (WAG) spokesperson Pauline Lockie. “These devastating losses are to be ‘replaced’ with the world’s worst park: some ‘green space’ under the monstrous St Peters Interchange.

“That’s why this exhibition will also show people how they can help save Sydney Park by signing up to our new Adopt a Tree campaign and sponsoring the park’s threatened trees,” said Ms Lockie. 

What: Reception for the Save Sydney Park: Adopt a Tree exhibition

When: Saturday 12 November

Where: The Corner Gallery, Corner of Myrtle and Percival Streets, Stanmore

Run sheet: 1pm: Guests arrive. Artists and WAG representatives available for interview.

1:30pm: Talks by Prof Helen Armstrong and Lorrie Graham.

2pm: Talks conclude. Artists and WAG representatives available for interview until 3pm.

Event website:

Media contacts: Lorrie Graham 0408 291 809, Pauline Lockie 0414 470 106


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