ROADS Minister Duncan Gay has attempted to dodge questions he misled parliament in relation to Sydney Park, which now faces savage cuts if the WestCONnex project continues.

Residents from St Peters to Ashfield were today joined by the Leichhardt Mayor and Greens councillors to gather in Sydney Park protesting planned cuts the precious inner city green space.

Minister Gay and Premier Baird desperately tried to defect attention away from a mass protest against WestCONnex on Saturday with their own announcement.

Media were confused when the Premier dragged them 30km down the M5  to say that a small section would be widened and speed limits upped if Westconnex goes ahead.

Meanwhile in St Peters around 2,000 people Reclaimed the Streets in protest of WestCONnex, with crowds gathering from 1pm into the night as word spread on social media.

“The government must be rattled if it is reduced to pulling media stunts that announce nothing on the day when thousands of local residents have taken to the streets,” said Emma Pierce of WestCONnex Action Group. 

“There was no mention of the new tolls that the government plans to gift South Western Sydney commuters if this sham road project goes ahead.” 

Minister Gay clumsily dodged questions from one reporter when asked about whether he misled Parliament about the WestCONnex impacts on Sydney Park. 

“You’ve been listening to Clover Moore too much,” he said. 

WestCONnex officials told City of Sydney councillors that around 11,000 square metres of the recently renovated park would be torn up for road widening that no one wants.

In November, Mr Gay said that green space in Sydney Park would not be removed by the St Peters WestConnex interchange project.

“In response to a Labor question that Sydney Park would be retained in its entirety as open space, Mr Gay responded ‘the short answer is yes’,” said City of Sydney councillor Linda Scott.

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