INNER WEST residents blocked WestCONnex trucks from entering the Alexandria asbestos dump after witnessing days of unsafe removal.

“For days in high winds we’ve watched WestCONnex trucks leaving the asbestos dump full of this killer product, and trucks are only half covered,”said WestCONnex Action Group spokesperson Janet Dandy-Ward.


“The half-covered asbestos trucks are driving through local streets in the inner west and western Sydney, past schools and homes and they’re not even trying to protect our health.


“We will not let a situation unfold in our neighbourhood where asbestos is flying all over the place, and it’s happening right now when we already know that asbestos kills people.


“This community stands united and we will not stop these actions until WestCONnex stops the secrecy."


Residents staged an early morning blockade at the Alexandria Landfill, which has been acquired by WestCONnex Delivery Authority.


Residents received notice this week that asbestos contractors would be clearing out the deadly dump site.


City of Sydney council estimated that Alexandria’s deadly dump site contained 70 Olympic-sized swimming pools' worth of asbestos.


WestCONnex Delivery Authority has commenced this work on its toll road ahead of getting clearance from theEnvironmental Protection Agency.


No Environmental Impact Statement has cleared WestCONnex Delivery Authority to commence works on the deadly dumpsite.


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