RESIDENTS from across Sydney joined Reclaim the Streets Sydney (RTS) and WestCONnex Action Group (WAG) on Saturday for the ‘Jurassic Car Park’ protest tour of St Peters, much of which the Baird Government plans to destroy for WestCONnex.

Named after the dinosaur remains that were discovered in Sydney Park, Jurassic Car Park took more than 100 people on a walking tour through the parts of St Peters that will be destroyed if the $15.4 billion WestCONnex toll road is built.


“It was wonderful to see so many people come to discover the rich heritage of our wonderful suburb, which is now under threat from this dinosaur of a toll road,” said WestCONnex Action Group spokesperson Pauline Lockie, whose home is one of hundreds that will be forcibly acquired and demolished if WestCONnex goes ahead.


“People were particularly horrified to learn from Professor Wendy Bacon that WestCONnex cut a secret deal to buy the toxic Dial-a-Dump site for its St Peters Interchange from a Liberal party donor while telling residents it had no plans for St Peters.


“It’s disgraceful to see Mike Baird wasting billions of taxpayer dollars and gearing up to destroy thriving suburbs even as he refuses to release the WestCONnex business case.”


The protest was the latest in along line of successful actions by communities opposed to WestCONnex. It will be followed by the WestCONnex Independence Day rally on Saturday 4 July, which will be held by WestCONnex Action Group at Goddard Park in Concord.


“The Baird Government can expect more protests as opposition to WestCONnex continues to grow, and more people realise this toll road is just one big con,” said Ms Lockie.


Media contact: Pauline Lockie 0414 470 106


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