RESIDENTS facing the destruction of their homes and communities for the M4 East stage of WestCONnex have blasted the ‘community information sessions’ to be held by the WestCONnex Delivery Authority (WDA) in Ashfield and Concord this week as a “sham”.

“WestCONnex is kicking people out of their homes and told those left behind that they’ll be living with huge polluting interchanges, portals and poison stacks just metres from their homes, schools, childcare centres and workplaces,” said Amanda Bull of WestCONnex Action Group in Concord.


“Yet the utterly corrupted planning processes surrounding WestCONnex mean they’ve done this without releasing the full business case or conducting any genuine community consultation.


“These ‘community information sessions’ are clearly a sham – a box-ticking exercise designed to keep the veil of secrecy firmly drawn over WestCONnex while they mount the pretence of being open and transparent.


“The majority of these sessions will be run during the day when most people will be at work. Not one of these sessions ends later than 7pm.


“They haven’t even bothered to properly notify residents of these sessions. We haven’t had so much as a flyer in our letterboxes, yet the Concord interchange will be right next to our homes.


“Every session is‘focused’ on one topic only. So what happens if residents have other questions about how the $15.4 billion WestCONnex will affect them? Will they be turned away?


“It’s also a disgrace that these sessions are being held at RSL clubs, where residents must present ID and be comfortable in drinking and gambling venues before they’re allowed to ask questions.


“This is very different to the genuine community consultation the WDA is obliged to do as part of the Director-General’s requirements for the environmental impact statement (EIS) process.


“We demand our right to transparency and accountability before our homes are taken away, our communities are destroyed, and billions of our taxpayer dollars wasted on this sham toll road.”


Locals are encouraged to attend these sessions, make sure WestCONnex record their strong opposition to the project, and continually demand answers to questions if they aren’t given.


What: WestCONnex community “information” sessions

Mon 13 July 4pm-7pm; Wests Ashfield Leagues Club Auditorium. Focus: Parramatta Road and City West Link Interchange.

Wed 15 July 1pm-3pm or 4pm-6pm, Concord West. Focus: Concord Road Interchange.

Sat 18 July 11am-2pm Club Concord RSL Auditorium. Focus: Western Entry & Exit Point and the Tunnel Corridor.


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