RESIDENTS are now blockading the truck entrance at the WestCONnex M4 East construction site in Cintra Park, Concord, to protest the toll road’s sham approval.

“The Baird Government has treated the people of NSW with contempt in its attempt to bulldoze the WestCONnex toll road through,” said Save Ashfield Park (SAP) spokesperson Paul Jeffrey.

“Construction contracts for this toll road were signed before this approval was even granted, so we knew the process would be a total sham. And the sloppy environmental impact statement (EIS) on which this approval was based reflected that.

“The Baird Government refused to acknowledge the evidence it received in over 4,800 submissions to this EIS from independent experts, councils and residents, which showed the M4 East would worsen traffic congestion and pollution, and destroy our heritage and communities,” said Mr Jeffrey.

“These failures have let residents down so badly that we have no choice but to take peaceful direct action to stop WestCONnex before this sham tollway destroys so much of our great city,” said WestCONnex Action Group (WAG) spokesperson Sharon Laura.

“We have no other option when everything to do with the WestCONnex toll road subverts democratic planning processes, and the Baird Government is doing everything it can to shut down transparency around this $16.8 billion taxpayer-funded project.

“Even as Premier Baird prepares to send in the bulldozers to destroy our homes, green spaces and communities, evidence is mounting that WestCONnex will be a massive financial failure that will do nothing to ease Sydney’s traffic congestion.

“But we are not going to stand aside while Premier Baird destroys our neighbourhoods for WestCONnex, and forces drivers in western Sydney to pay huge tolls to drive straight into a traffic jam.

“There’s still time for Premier Baird to do the right thing and halt WestCONnex before its most expensive and destructive parts are built. 

“As long as he refuses to do that, these peaceful direct actions will continue,” said Ms Laura.

Media contacts: Paul Jeffery 0410 636 663, Sharon Laura 0417 022 553

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