ONE thousand Inner West residents signed letters to the Planning and Roads Ministers to oppose the WestCONnex project, which plans to destroy Newtown and surrounding suburbs.

Westconnex Action Group organisers held a stall at the Newtown Festival with 1000 self-funded letters to be sent to Ministers on behalf of Inner West residents.

 “We spoke to many thousands of people who were all concerned and opposed to WestCONnex, but we only had 1000 letters for them to sign and we ran out by lunchtime,” said WestCONnex Action Group organiser Emma Pierce.

“The Newtown Festival reiterated that people of the Inner West are deeply concerned about this project ruining our community.

“We were inundated with thousands of concerned residents as the impact of WestCONnex is now firmly an issue for anyone within breathing distance of the Inner West.

“No one we spoke to believed that Sydney needs more roads to alleviate traffic and freight congestion, and we think the Government should be listening to the NSW Master Transport Plan committee experts who proposed alternative solutions with detailed research.

“The transport planning experts say that more roads is not the solution, but the Government is out there selling this to international contractors as a guaranteed way to milk money from hundreds of thousands of commuters each day.

“It’s shameful and we need a full and proper enquiry as to why the NSW Master Transport Plan recommendations are not being implemented."

***Photos of organisers in branded TShirts with 1000 petitions available upon request***


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