WestConnex Action Group 2020

It’s been a tough 2019, but WestConnex Action Group (WAG) is preparing for another year supporting community members affected by the ongoing construction of WestConnex.  Residents are rightly concerned about potential damage to their homes from WestConnex construction, particularly from tunnelling for Stages 3A and 3B from St Peters and Newtown to Leichhardt and Balmain. Excessive air pollution associated with the building activity is also worrying.

But we have had a HUGE WIN.

Sustained community pressure has seen an Independent Property Assessment Panel set up to investigate Stage 3 property damage claims that are not resolved by the contractors. This Panel is also now reviewing and assessing property damage claims from Stages 1 & 2 that were previously rejected by contractors.

This shows that COMMUNITY CAMPAIGNING CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. But we need your help. Can you make a small donation to keep our actions going?



So what are our key actions for 2020?

Property damage from WestConnex

Next year, there will more be tunnelling under our streets and homes. In some places the tunnel will be less than 10 metres under people’s homes.

In 2020 we are:

  • Maintaining a Damage Register for residents along the tunnel route. This will help record when and where any damage occurs. Find out more about the Damage Register here. 
  • Helping prepare for a possible class action through the law firm Dentons. Find out more about the possible class action here.

Air pollution

For the past three years, residents close to WestConnex construction have suffered persistent air quality problems. WAG has joined a worldwide network set up by a German group, Luftdaten.info, to track air pollution.

We expect to make a formal complaint about air quality in the near future.

In 2020 we are:

  • Sourcing low-cost air quality monitors for residents near WestConnnex. It is proposed to establish an environmental monitoring network across the city and beyond. Sign up for an air quality monitor here.

All of this takes time and money. If you can make a donation this will help us maintain our database of people and materials, our website and collections of information.



A donation of just $25  will support licence costs for our database and website. More will support continuing research, particularly for the legal aspects of pursuing the class action and the air quality monitoring.

Thank you for your support so far. We hope to do more in 2020, with your help. And remember, you can always email us at [email protected] 


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