WESTCONNEX Action Group (WAG) is delighted that one of its key members and spokespeople, Pauline Lockie, has been chosen by Jenny Leong MP as Newtown Local Woman of Year for her work as a community activist and passionate campaigner against the WestCONnex tollway. 

“This is a great honour, and it’s one I’m delighted to share with the many women in our community who are working so hard to stop WestConnex and demand better for our city,” said Ms Lockie.

“I thank Ms Leong for this award, which recognises the vital role grassroots community action plays in resisting WestCONnex and other developments that are not in the public interest.”

“Pauline had lived in St Peters less than two months when she was told her family’s home would be forcibly acquired for WestCONnex along with scores of homes and businesses in the area,” said WAG co-founder Emma Pierce.

“But Pauline had been a key part of WAG even before this happened. She knew WestCONnex would not only devastate our local community, but also fail to ease traffic congestion, or connect people like her family in the western suburbs to jobs. 

“Over the past 18 months, Pauline has been connecting with, activating and empowering local communities across the WestCONnex toll road route to stop this destructive project. 

“She’s worked tirelessly to highlight the negative impacts of WestCONnex, including its broader implications for the liveability of Sydney, and its huge waste of NSW and Federal taxpayer funds.

“She has organised community actions attended by thousands of people, been interviewed countless times in the media, and helped new WAG branches form across Sydney. 

“We are thrilled Pauline has been recognised with this award. She has really put the community first, and helped expose the shonky WestCONnex for the con that it is,” said Ms Pierce. 

Ms Lockie and Ms Leong will be attending the NSW Women of the Year Awards at Parliament House on Wednesday 9 March at 9am, and will be available for comment before and at the event. 

Media contact: Janet Dandy-Ward 0411 633 676, Pauline Lockie 0414 470 106


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