WESTCONNEX has been caught out in an embarrassing attempt to pass itself off as an Inner West community group.

WestCONnex attempted to book St. Peters Public School hall for a “community meeting”, sending booking requests without their formal letterhead.

“The disturbing lack of transparency has reached new lows as they now try to disguise who they actually are,” said Janet Dandy-Ward of WestCONnex Action Group.

“This is clearly another shonky attempt by this shadowy organisation to appear as though they are the same group that organised the previous community meeting.

“It shows the depth to which this secretive organisation will sink to dupe Inner West residents.

“WestCONnex has been consistently dishonest about road plans that will affect residents living in Camperdown, Newtown, St Peters, Sydenham, Tempe and Rockdale.

“Now they’ve been caught trying to scam the community with a sham meeting while they secretly plan to push through plans that will destroy Inner West suburbs.

WestCONnex was told by St Peters Public School that its hall was not available nor would it be appropriate to be seen working in support of the maligned road project.

WestCONnex plans drilling on school grounds and in the street of St Peters Public School in January – conveniently when parents won’t see the full effects of the plans to build motorways under schools that will need smoke stacks to spew out the pollution.

The WestCONnex road project has been met with fierce community opposition by local residents who formed the WestCONnex Action Group.

Residents are supported in their opposition to WestCONnex by Marrickville Council Mayor Mark Gardiner, City of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqui, and Dr Michelle Zeboits, UTS Research Principal Institute for Sustainable Futures.


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