Community forces WestConnex to dump Darley Rd and Muirs dive sites


Catherine Gemmell at Leichhardt Against WestConnex protest


“If it had not been for community and the media’s exposure of WestConnex’s dodgy planning processes, these terrible sites would’ve been steamrolled through.” – Catherine Gemmell, Coalition Against WestConnex

The Coalition Against WestConnex (CAW) is delighted that the chosen contractor for the WestConnex M4-M5 Link tunnel has abandoned the Darley Rd Dan Murphys site in Leichhardt and the Muirs site in Parramatta Road Haberfield as tunnelling dive sites for Stage 3 WestConnex.

“This is a huge win for community groups who’ve campaigned tirelessly against these tunnelling sites,” said Catherine Gemmell, CAW spokesperson and member of Leichhardt Against WestConnex community group. 

$50m Dan Murphy site compensation and more dust pollution over Haberfield School avoided

“From the release of the ‘concept design’ for the M4-M5 Link, community group Leichhardt Against WestConnex warned RMS and the NSW Government that the Darley Road site was dangerous and wholly unsuitable for use as a  major construction site, and would cause serious health impacts on residents for years.

“As with all aspects of WestConnex, the Government has ignored the community and tried to sneak in major changes. This major change was only mentioned in a 'Community Update' published on the WestConnex website.  

“The abandonment of these sites is clearly a political decision. The controversies surrounding the acquisition and $50m cost of the Darley Rd site, and the potential impact of using the old Parramatta Rd Muirs site for tunnelling so near to Haberfield Public School, and strong grassroots community campaigns, have been key to these wins. If it had not been for community and the media’s exposure of WestConnex’s dodgy planning processes, these terrible sites would’ve been steamrolled through.

“It is only because community group Leichhardt Against WestConnex (LAW) uncovered serious probity issues with the compulsory acquisition of the Darley Rd site, and the parents and students of Haberfield Public School protested against the dust pollution that would come from tunnelling only 200m from their school, that these sites have been dropped."

We cannot abandon other residents affected by WestConnex

“Even now, Haberfield and Ashfield communities residents are in the dark about what construction activities will be happening on the Muirs site, how many diesel trucks will be on their local streets and for how many hours a day. 

“Stage 3 WestConnex must be stopped, We cannot abandon residents of St Peters, Haberfield, Camperdown, Annandale and Rozelle to years more of toxic and noisy work in their neighbourhoods,” said CAW spokesperson Ms Gemmell. “The design and planning of Stage 3 has been rushed, chaotic and politically driven. Properties were illegally acquired and there’s not even  a workable design or contractor for the underground Rozelle Interchange.

“Following last week’s  announcement of the Parliamentary Inquiry into WestConnex, Gladys Berejiklian must now halt Stage 3 and the sale of the SMC, “ said Ms Gemmell.

Members of the Coalition Against WestCONnex: 

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