Flashback: Pauline Lockie on WestCONnex at the March Against Baird

Last week saw Mike Baird step aside as Premier of NSW, with many citing his failure to listen to communities devastated by WestCONnex as one of the key reasons for his demise. Back in May 2016, when Baird's popularity was starting to plummet, WestCONnex Action Group's Pauline Lockie spoke at the massive March Against Baird rally about why WestCONnex was just one more way for Baird to achieve his ultimate goal: to sell us out to his mates in big business.

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WestCONnex to destroy over 800 trees in Sydney Park, St Peters and Alexandria

Late on Friday 6 January 2017, the major report outlining the trees to be destroyed for WestCONnex in and around Sydney Park was released. This report, along with two others released in September and December 2016, show the staggering extent to which the Baird govt plans to destroy trees there to make way for the tollway. The reports run to hundreds of pages, so we've summarised the main impacts.

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Open Letter on WestCONnex: Add your name now

We've launched an Open Letter to Mike Baird, Duncan Gay and Rob Stokes on WestCONnex, which has been signed by a slew of organisations; Labor, Greens and independent politicians; and thousands of people just like you. Please add your name now.

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LISTEN: Reflecting on a year of WestCONnex protest

WestCONnex Action Group's Janet Dandy-Ward spoke to Radio Skid Row's Col Hesse on 22 December 2016 about the year of protest against the Baird government's destructive tollway, and how the fight against WestCONnex continues to build. Have a listen.

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WestCONnex community info session: "Welcome to the concrete starfish monster"

Members of WestCONnex Action Group (WAG) went to the WestCONnex community information session in St Peters on 7 December 2016. Here's what we found out.

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Live tweets from the Balmain public meeting on WestCONnex

Talking meeting Mike Baird on Radio Skid Row

WestCONnex Action Group's Pauline Lockie spoke to Col Hesse on Radio Skid Row on Thursday 8 December about meeting Premier Mike Baird to talk about WestCONnex. Have a listen.

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Our meeting with Premier Mike Baird on WestCONnex

On Thursday 1 December, Premier Mike Baird finally met with members of community groups campaigning against the WestCONnex tollway, along with Greens MPs Jenny Leong (Newtown) and Jamie Parker (Balmain).

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Adopt a Tree: Meet the folks standing up to WestCONnex

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who's signing up to Adopt a Tree to help Save Sydney Park and stop WestCONnex! We'd love you to meet just a few of the wonderful folks who've done so - and for you to join them.

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How WestCONnex broke its promises in Beverly Hills (Part 1)

WestCONnex Action Group's Kathryn Calman lives in Beverly Hills, south west Sydney. She's been dealing with the people behind WestCONnex for over two years, and has kept a record of what residents were promised for the King Georges Road Interchange upgrade versus what was delivered. It stands as a warning to other communities: don't believe what you're told by WestCONnex.

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