Same old, same old: WestCONnex's new "consultation" is still all spin

Wendy Bacon went along to one of WestCONnex's M4-M5 Link "community ideas" sessions - part of its much-vaunted new approach to community consultation - on Thursday 18 August. She explained why nothing has changed when it comes to the Utopia-style misinformation, secrecy and lack of transparency around Mike Baird's pet project.

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Talking Lucy Turnbull, Haberfield destruction and WestCONnex

WestCONnex Action Group's Sharon Laura spoke to Colin Hesse on Radio Skid Row on Thursday 18 August about why we've invited Lucy Turnbull to take a tour of WestCONnex's Haberfield destruction.

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The latest WestCONnex news on Radio Active 2RRR

On Wednesday 10 August, WestCONnex Action Group's Pauline Lockie spoke to Radio Active 2RRR about the latest news on WestCONnex, including the latest Rozelle interchange "thought bubble", forced acquisitions and dodgy planning processes.

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Radio Ski Row interview on WestCONnex: Driving Sydney to Destruction

On Thursday 11 August, Janet Dandy-Ward from WestCONnex Action Group spoke to Colin Hesse on Radio Skid Row about our upcoming event, WestCONnex: Driving Sydney to Destruction.

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Inner West Council not taking enough action

On 28 July 2016, we joined volunteers from other WestCONnex community action groups to meet with Inner West Council (IWC) Administrator Richard Pearson. It became clear that, despite its stated promise to “oppose WestCONnex in the strongest terms”, IWC is focusing on damage control and is not proactively opposing WestCONnex.


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Some notes for people affected by WestCONnex acquisitions

We’ve had many shocked and distressed people approach us for information after learning that their homes or businesses are to be acquired for WestCONnex. While we can’t offer legal advice on this, we can offer some information that may help based on what other residents have experienced.

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What it's like to live next to a WestCONnex construction site

Arron Fletcher's Haberfield home is right next to a planned entry/exit portal and pollution stack for WestCONnex, and he and his young family wake up every morning to the sounds, sights and smells of heavy construction. After he posted a video of this on Twitter, we asked if we could share it here. He not only agreed, but also wrote about what it's like to live like this, knowing WestCONnex is doomed to fail.

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Highlights from the Stop WestCONnex Community Rally

Filmmaker Russ Hermann has just released this highlights reel of performances, speeches and footage from the Stop WestCONnex Community Rally in Easton Park Rozelle on 26 June 2016. Speakers include transport expert Dr Michelle Zeibots of UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures, investigative journalist Prof Wendy Bacon and WestCONnex Action Group's Pauline Lockie.

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The Chaser's Election Desk ft. Bill Holliday

Watch the cameo by stop-WestCONnex campaigner Bill Holliday on The Chaser's Election Desk (ABC, 29 June 2016).

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Talking WestCONnex on Eastside FM 89.7

WestCONnex Action Group's Pauline Lockie spoke to Ruth Hessey at Eastside FM on 4 July 2016 about WestCONnex, the Federal election, and her upcoming appearance at the July GreenUps event with Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

For more about July GreenUps event, visit the Facebook event page.

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