Graeme McKay and Pauline Lockie on 2SER Razors Edge

After Graeme McKay's heartfelt email to every MP in NSW about WestCONnex's destruction of Haberfield went viral, 2SER invited him and WestCONnex Action Group's Pauline Lockie to speak to Razors Edge about the impact of the $16.8 billion toll road project.

As well as discussing the noise, pollution and community destruction WestCONnex will cause in Haberfield and across the route, the conflicts of interest that plague the project were also covered, with a particular focus on AECOM.

NRMA were also interviewed to trot out the same tired lines about WestCONnex helping connect people in the west to Sydney's CBD and airport, even though fewer than 10% of people in the western suburbs who work in the city commute by car, and WestCONnex stops short of the airport by several kilometres. 


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