Please help make 2016 the year we stop WestCONnex

Pauline Lockie had lived in St Peters less than 2 months before WestCONnex told her they planned to forcibly acquire her new home. She shares her reasons for being part of our campaign, and why she hopes you'll help stop WestCONnex by making a donation today.

Pauline ad her family outside their St Peters home

"My family and I had been living in St Peters for less than 2 months when WestCONnex reps knocked on our front door and told us our new home was to be forcibly acquired and destroyed to make way for the toll road. This was the home my husband Warren and I had planned to raise our little girl in, so as you can imagine, we were devastated.

"But while this fight is personal for me, it's not about saving my home - or the hundreds of homes that'll be destroyed if WestCONnex goes ahead. It’s about what kind of city we want to build, and how we go about building it.

"As I'm sure you know, the processes around WestCONnex have been utterly corrupted. We're seeing contracts being signed, homes and businesses being taken, and millions of our taxpayer dollars being spent before planning approvals are even granted.

"We're seeing the Baird Government taking reckless risks with our health and safety when it comes to WestCONnex's handling of asbestos from Erskine Park to St Peters, and the unfiltered pollution stacks they plan to build next to homes, schools and hospitals.

"And we're seeing Ministers treat communities with absolute contempt - from slinging insults at residents who dare to speak out against WestCONnex, to releasing a 'business case' that blacked out all the key costs and toll information.

"I know you'll agree this is a disgrace - which is why I'm asking you to help stop WestCONnex by making a Christmas donation today.

"I know it's an incredibly busy time of year, with lots of other organisations asking for your help. But here are just a few ways a gift from you today could help:

  • $100 could help us run our New M5 EIS campaign so thousands of people can object to this disastrous project
  • $250 could help us launch our Federal campaign to stop taxpayer dollars going from Canberra to WestCONnex
  • $1,000 could help us launch a legal case to stop WestCONnex going ahead

"Thank you for your ongoing support. Together we can stop WestCONnex!"

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