WESTCONNEX Action Groups across Sydney are calling on the Planning Minister to give affected residents at least 60 days to respond to the M4 East environmental impact statement (EIS) that will be released today.

“WestCONnex is the largest infrastructure project in Australia, yet we’ve been given only 45 days to digest a mountain of highly technical documents that will have a massive impact on people’s lives,” said WestCONnex Action Group spokesperson Emma Pierce.

“A project of this magnitude requires expert analysis and that’s not possible in so little time.

“We call on the Planning Minister Rob Stokes to extend the consultation time to allow experts and communities proper time to scrutinise this proposal.

“It’s another example of the Abbott-Baird Governments trying sneak and rush WestCONnex through without any transparency.

“This big polluting tollway is a testament to big-spending governments who sell commuters to toll operators and pretend that it's infrastructure investment.

“If the Abbott-Baird governments truly believe this is a good investment of taxpayer money, then they should allow at least 60 days so industry experts can provide proper analysis.

“Good honest governments around the world follow due process and proper community consultation, and it’s worrying that contracts are being signed for this tollway before the regular planning approval processes have started.

"WestCONnex has all the hallmarks of a dirty project – no transparency, escalating costs, corrupted planning processes, contracts signed – all for a road designed for toll operators,” said Ms Pierce.

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