WESTCONNEX Action Group (WAG) welcomes the commitment Marrickville Council made at its meeting tonight to seek an immediate stop work order on the Alexandria Landfill site, which the WestCONnex Delivery Authority (WDA) is now preparing for the St Peters Interchange.

The WDA continues to do unsafe and apparently unlicensed remediation work at the site, which is full of asbestos. 

“The WDA has started work on their big polluting toll road and interchange at St Peters without being able to provide evidence that it has the proper licenses and approvals to do so. They need to be held to account to ensure workers’ and residents’ safety,” said WAG spokesperson Garth Montgomery.

“Residents complained to council, and gathered evidence of unsafe work practices and remediation work being completed without the proper licenses.

“The motion Marrickville Council passed to seek an immediate stop work order subject to urgent legal advice was a direct response to issues raised by residents, and we’re pleased to see our local representatives working alongside the people they represent.

“WAG spoke against parts of the original motion to ask council not to wash its hands of responsibility for the deadly dump as the WDA digs up asbestos and trucks it past thousands of homes, schools and workplaces.

“We congratulate Mayor Mark Gardiner for working with the Greens councillors to make amendments that reflected community concerns, and Marrickville Council for passing this motion,” said Mr Montgomery. 

Media Contact: Garth Montgomery 0408 864 851, Pauline Lockie 0414 470 106


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