BEVERLY Hills residents are braced for a never-ending stream of insults from Roads Minister Duncan Gay as they join inner west action groups opposing WestCONnex.

WestCONnex Action Group (WAG) is pleased to announce the formation of WAG Beverly Hills after this week’s pop-up protest galvanised relations between the two Sydney regions.


Gay has desperately tried to paint opposition to WestCONnex as being limited to inner city residents, who he has described with crude insults that demean his position as a Minister.


WAG Beverly Hills spokesperson Kathryn Calman said the south west suburbs shared similar concerns about WestCONnex and wanted to show unity as the movement gains momentum across Sydney.


“No one has ever called us latte sipping chardonnay chattering classes or whatever slurs Duncan Gay wants to throw at people, but we aren't stupid and we know garbage when we hear it, so he can go his hardest,” said Ms Calman.


“We have seen the M5 fill to capacity over the past decade and don't believe that more lanes is the answer because they’ll just fill up as well.


“We would like the Government to provide public transport options such as rail and light rail that would allow us to get to suburbs such as Botany and Randwick without dealing with the congestion of the M5.


“Building a tollway to the city will only create more traffic congestion because there will be no money left for real solutions such as integrated rail, which is much lower cost and more efficient in getting people around.


“When the government made it affordable to get to Mascot and Green Square by train, people started using those stations, so it shows that people will use public transport if it is available and reasonably priced.


“We are not going to be able to afford $20+ tolls so most people will use local roads and create even greater chaos,” said Ms Calman.


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