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Stop WestCONnex before Gladys dumps it

Thanks to fantastic people like you, WestCONnex has gone from being the jewel in Mike Baird’s crown to a project Gladys Berejiklian is desperate to dump altogether.

We can't let Gladys Berejiklian sell off her responsibility for WestCONnex to unaccountable toll road companies. But to stop this and stop WestCONnex, we need your support.

Will you please make a gift now to ramp up the pressure to stop WestCONnex?

Here are a few examples of how your gift could help:

  • $50 could help us continue our hugely successful online campaign against WestCONnex by paying for a week of Facebook advertising.
  • $100 it could help pay for an effective flyer about the impending WestCONnex M4-M5 Link and the tolls that will slug western Sydney with a monster tax for decades. With your help, we'll get these messages to thousands of people.
  • $250 could go towards getting independent expert advice on issues such as the unfiltered pollution stacks as we prepare to respond to the M4-M5 Link EIS.