WATCH: WestCONnex destruction in Sydney Park

On Friday 7 October, police forcibly dragged residents away from the WestCONnex construction compound on Euston Rd, Sydney Park, so that contractors for the Sydney Motorway Corporation could start destroying trees at the park.

Filmmaker Brendan O'Toole captured the senseless destruction, which is part of the Baird government's plan to widen Euston Rd from two lanes to six.

Euston Rd currently takes around 7,500 cars a day; with WestCONnex, it will will be choked with around 60,000 extra cars. Even the Sydney Motorway Corporation has admitted that unless it builds a slew of extra unfunded and unplanned tollways - including the WestCONnex M4-M5 Link, Sydney Gateway and Southern Connector - there is no way local roads will be able to cope.

Take action!

Support the 24/7 #SaveSydneyPark blockade to protect Sydney Park's remaining trees. Volunteers are always needed for shifts at the camp - whether you can swing by for a couple of hours or sleep under the trees overnight (tents provided). It's great fun, and a fabulous way to meet your neighbours while defending your community. Email us to sign up.


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