A vintage car photo session will be held on Sunday in Walker Ave Haberfield to protest the destruction WestCONnex will cause to this unique suburb, as part of the Haberfield Association’s Model T Ford Day.

“A staggering 53 homes in Haberfield will be totally destroyed if WestCONnex is built, 26 of which are heritage listed,” said WestCONnex Action Group (WAG) spokesperson Sharon Laura.

“Many of these homes are in or around Walker Avenue, where a number of families will also lose a significant chunk of their land to this toll road.

“And of course, the homes and families left behind will have to live with the toxic pollution and congestion WestCONnex will bring to our local area.

“So this event will be a chance for us to highlight the Baird-Turnbull Governments’ utterly pointless destruction of the world’s first Garden Suburb – and all for a toll road that will simply drive people from western Sydney straight into an inner-city traffic jam.”

Visitors and local families will be able to get photos with the Model T Ford in front of the heritage homes that will be lost to WestCONnex if the $15.4 billion toll road goes ahead.

“When Model Ts were first launched, everyone thought cars were the pinnacle of progress,” said Ms Laura.

“But that was back at the turn of the century – and now the world’s leading cities know that if you design a city around cars and roads, it fails for everyone, including drivers.

“WestCONnex is a 20th century solution to a 21st century problem.

“No doubt that’s why the Baird Government has been so desperate to hide WestCONnex’s business case – they know this $15.4 billion toll road will be a financial disaster.

“We invite people to come along, get photos taken with these beautiful vintage cars and heritage homes, and see for themselves just how much we will all lose if Haberfield is destroyed for this pointless toll road.”

When: Sunday 18 October, 11am

Where: Walker Ave, Haberfield

Media Contact: Sharon Laura 0417 022 553, Pauline Lockie 0414 470 106

Photo: Lucy Hodgkinson-Fisher



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