Election 2016: Where the parties stand on WestCONnex

People have been asking us who they should vote for when it comes to WestCONnex. While we can't tell you how to vote - that's your decision - we can tell you where the parties stand on WestCONnex, particularly when it comes to halting the $2.26 billion in Federal funding that hasn't been paid.

Election scorecard

The party with the strongest record and policies on stopping WestCONnex is the Greens. They've taken real action in the Senate over the last term, including being the first party to push for a Federal audit and investigating WestCONnex's funding in Senate Estimates hearings. The party has consistently opposed WestCONnex at all levels of government, and is committed to halting the $2.26 billion in Federal funding.

Labor has criticised the Baird government's approach to WestCONnex, but says it still supports the project. Labor has spoken out against the planning process, route and M4 tolls. Anthony Albanese made a formal request for a Federal audit and said the party would commit no further Federal funding. However, Labor has consistently said the current Federal funding has all been paid when it clearly hasn't, and its MPs have said many times they won't halt the existing payments. Bill Shorten has also confirmed the party's support for WestCONnex.

Australian Cyclists Party told us it's "100% against WestConnex" and "supports the withdrawal of federal government funding for WestConnex, including measures to recoup the federal government $2 billion loan".

Other minor parties told us that while they don't have formal policies on WestCONnex, they do have serious concerns with it. Animal Justice Party told us "we're all against WestConnex", and its Grayndler candidate Emma Hurst said: "The proposed WestCONnex does not fit with any of [our] policies". Online Direct Democracy would push for a halt to WestCONnex and its Federal funding if that's what its constituents voted for using its online platform. Sex Party's Grayndler candidate Pat Sheils told us: "If elected I will personally do everything within my power to stop this project".

The Liberal and National Parties are fully behind WestCONnex. The project is being built by a NSW Coalition government, and the bulk of its Federal funding was committed by Tony Abbott. The Turnbull government has repeatedly reaffirmed its support for WestCONnex, even though it won't ease Sydney's traffic congestion and will sell western Sydney families out to toll road companies. Of all the parties, the Liberal/National policies are the worst when it comes to stopping WestCONnex and creating a liveable city for everyone.


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