TAKE ACTION: Email your Federal MP about WestCONnex

With the Federal election looming, and $3.5 billion of Australian taxpayer money being wasted on WestCONnex, now is the time to let your MP know how their support for this project will affect your vote. We've made it easy for you to email your MP in less than one minute.

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 Federal election and WestCONnex

NEWS: Federal funding and WestCONnex

Misleading statements about WestCONnex's Federal funding have abounded in recent weeks. So we put together this quick guide as to what's been paid, what the pollies have said, and what can be done to halt what's left.

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NEWS: So, WestCONnex. Is it a good project? No.

With those words, Patrick Gallagher launched his scathing and heavily researched critique of WestCONnex on his Facebook page. Republished with his permission, it's well worth a read for anyone keen to understand the 'good', the bad and the ugly of this $17 billion toll road.

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PEOPLE'S INQUIRY: On WestCONnex and liveable cities 

On Friday 6 May, Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong held a People's WestCONnex Inquiry at NSW Parliament. Representatives from WestCONnex Action Group presented evidence. Read the speech Pauline Lockie gave on why the campaign to stop WestCONnex is about creating a liveable city for everyone.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Residents arrested and charged after latest WestCONnex protest

TWO residents who occupied an apartment in a forcibly acquired block in Haberfield to protest its destruction for WestCONnex were arrested yesterday and charged with trespass.

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 Haberfield flat occupation

MEDIA RELEASE: Fresh calls for WestCONnex inquiry as contractors named in global corruption scandal

WESTCONNEX Action Group has renewed its call for a public inquiry into the $16.8 billion WestCONnex toll road after two of its main contractors, Leighton Holdings (CIMIC) and Samsung, were reported to have used corrupt practices to secure billion-dollar government contracts overseas.

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 Leighton Samsung logos

ACTION: Ask Malcolm Turnbull to stop WestCONnex's Federal funding

$3.5 billion of Federal taxpayer dollars have been committed to WestCONnex, not all of which has been paid. Email Malcolm Turnbull now to ask him to halt this funding until a full audit has taken place.

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